venerdì 29 giugno 2012

To preserve

We have to preserve something, preserve is also guarding, watching over, in German Wahrheit, truth, is related to Wahren, to preserve, (Heidegger recalls to its truth as truth-bewahren and to the truth as un-truth, Un-Wahrheit). The problematic of guarding runs throughout our letters, our attempt to preserve. To preserve and to reserve are etymologically the same, from the Latin reservare, to keep back, i.e. to guard in the French sense. Guarding is a syntax of a vigilance in truth, we are couriers through a life which changes sign at every moment. This vacillation is set forth more obviously, more thematically in Das Unheimliche (Heimlichkeit is also the German name of what we have in mind as the genealogy of the properly familiar). Our walking-working in Das Unheimliche, in a map of unknown (unheimlichen) routes attempts to recording differances of rhythm. A differential, and not an “alternating” rhythm, namely a Zauderrythmus (English: “vacillating”) Zaudern is to hesitate, certainly, but it is above all to temporize, to defer, to delay. Some couriers, some letters, rush forward in order to reach the final aim as quickly as possible. But, division of labor, another group comes back (revient) to the start of the same path (dieses Weg zurück) ) in order to go over the route and “so prolong the journey” (So die Dauer des Weges zu verlängern). Between the two groups, on the same map, a network coordinates, more or less well, more or less regularly, communications, transports, locals and expresses, switch points, relays, and correpondences. The map is always problematic: the repressed drive  “ungebändigt immer vorwärts dringt”, undisciplined, refractory, untamed, never permitting itself to be bound or banded by any master, it always pushes forward.
(liberamente da The Logic of Correspondence di Stohl Nori)

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