sabato 21 luglio 2012

Your heartbeat

Questa bella foto è di  Fibbiane Sang che scrive:  
"I'm breathing in and out slowly
Trying to match the rhythm of your heartbeat
Feeling as if I can hear your soul talking
If I listen hard enough I close my eyes
Submersing myself in this moment
And close off the rest of the world
Just to hear your peaceful breathing I slowly open my sparkling eyes
And pray that Im not just dreaming
But then I see your bright, blue eyes staring back
And I cant help but fall in love all over again I am frozen for the moment
And continue to melt with the love you consume me with
Every instant seems like forever
And every embrace is one to remember.This was taken again from my moving cab on the other side of the road. This is at marine drive i think. Couples lip-locked and drowned in embraces are so easy to spot in Mumbai. They are everywere. Me being from a city like Delhi it was quite a culture shock to me."

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